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Aisha Bwika

Quality Assurance Officer

Making sure there is conformity of clinical research trials to the set protocols and standards. This I achieve by reviewing...

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Nelson Kibinge

Early Career Postdoctoral Researcher

Creating new computational methods to analyze biological data such as DNA, RNA and Protein data related to important health problems...

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Munga Mwachiro

Occupational Health & Safety Nurse

Prevention of ill health & injuries to workers arising from their working conditions Promotion and maintaining of workers wellness and...

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Juliet Otieno

Research Medical Doctor, currently doing my PhD

Working with sick children, parents and healthcare providers to understand the challenges that parents encounter when trying to get the...

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Kevin Wamae

Ph.D. Student

For my Ph.D, I carry out molecular surveillance of drug-resistance in malaria causing parasites among samples collected in Coastal Kenya....

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Joyce Nyiro

Research Officer

Conducting community surveillance for respiratory viruses, laboratory screening of samples, study co-ordination, conducting career talks to school students and attending...

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