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Agnes Mutiso

Laboratory Technologist

My group focuses on Invasive Bacterial Disease (IBD) in children with a key interest on studying Streptococcus Pneumoniae, a bacterium...

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Kui Muraya

Principal Investigator/Research Fellow

Trying to understand how societal gender norms impact on health.

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Derick Kimathi

Clinical Researcher and PhD Fellow

Evaluating the use of vaccines; safety, immunogenicity and policies to control and eliminate epidemics and outbreaks. Currently, my work involves...

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Beatrice Indimuli Amboko

PhD fellow

I am interested in looking at the quality of health workers’ performance and the determinants in providing care in health...

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James Njunge

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

I lead several local and one international project that researches on the relationships between infection, nutrition, mortality and poor growth...

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Khadija Said

Research Officer (Molecular Biologist & Bioinformatician)

My current work involves implementing, optimizing and troubleshooting viral sequencing protocols in the lab and carrying out basic sequence analysis....

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