Peris Kabibi Ngaliani

I would like to pursue a career in Radiography. The SLAS experience will help me in my career by giving exposure to different areas of research. During my free time I love helping the needy and also vising orphans to encourage them.
My role model is Ben Carson for he is the first African-American surgeon.The young scientists program motivated me pursue a course in science.

Personal Blog
In the first two weeks I was in the Information Technology department. I was under the supervision of Joseph Waititu. It was a good stay together with the IT staff members, they are social and read to help where necessary. I was engaged in many activities; installation and upgrading of windows, confirmation of new machines and attending the staff morning meetings. Through Joseph Waititu I got to learn and interact with the power point. We had a session with the programmers and I enjoyed the programming session. I visited the server room, it was so cold that I could not withstand but I got to see how servers look like.
In the second two weeks I was in EDD-Epidemiology Demographic Department. I was under Juliet Odhiambo. She is a good person to interact with. In this department I had a chance to attend field worker training session. Through this I got to the learn various challenges that field workers do face. It was an interactive session. I also went to field with the census team and I eventually knew what field workers face as they do their worker. It was enjoyable but tiresome. Through this department I got to learn about verbal autopsy, worker generation, project management, bioinformatics and many other things. I had a chance to attend KEMRI Community Representative at Sokoke.It was a good experience. I was also in the sickle cell clinic whereby I got a chance to consent some participants about the REACH study. I also advised patients suffering from sickle cell disease on how they can better their lives. I was able to take vitals from patients and I felt good since I was acting as a doctor.

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