Masha Samuel Ruwa

I would like to pursue a career in medicine and I believe that the SLAS experience would be beneficial to me because the knowledge that I will gain relates to the course that I will pursue.

I knew about the SLAS Program through my mother and the website.
My mother is my role model and mentor because she is a strong-willed woman who always believes that everything is possible in God as long as one is hardworking.
I aspire to pursue a course in medical research because it is through that medicine and vaccines of emerging diseases are discovered.
I’m really motivated when health improves and I like saving lives.

Personal Blog
During the first two weeks, I was in the ICT department. I had a wonderful time interacting with the ICT staff. I got to know the various departments that are in ICT and the work that they do. I also interacted with computer experts from the various departments and learnt a lot of things like: Installing an operating system, software development, networking etc. I also had a chance to use power point to prepare a presentation that I did together with my colleagues in front of the whole department.
The next two weeks got me in the wards. I spent the first three days in High Dependence Unit which admits critically ill children who are day 1-13 years old. I took part in the ward rounds where I observed the doctors attending patients from one bed to another. For the next three days, I went to Pharmacy and learnt how medicines are stocked and dispensed. I also knew how to compound medicines. Ward 1 marked the end of my ward rotation. I had a chance to have a one on one section with the patients and interacted with them. It was indeed a learning experience.

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