Dossajee Adnan Habib

I reside in Malindi.
What motivates me: Saving lives and helping people is what motivates me and that is why I want to pursue a medical related course.

Personal Blog
Role Model: Henry Ford, he taught me how to fail without failing. He taught me that failure is just a resting place and he proved it by going from major business failures to becoming one of the most successful person world. So, whenever I am on the verge of failure; I remember his lessons and use it as an inspiration to stay motivated.

It was a wonderful experience being in the EDD department. I had the opportunity to talk to scientists, learn about their research studies such as the National Hypertension and Diabetes Study (NAHENDA). I also got to visit the different regions where KEMRI operates known as the Demographic Surveillance System (DSS) where KEMRI collects its data and samples for the different studies.

In the CLG department, I got the chance to interact with the community members and learnt about their views on KEMRI and their problems. I also went on many field trips to meet with the Kemri community representatives (KCR) who represent different areas under the DSS. Furthermore, I learnt how KEMRI engages the public through different ways such as the School Engagement Program, Open days and through the KCR members.

In the ICT department, I was exposed to the different organ that make the department. I learnt how to set up a desktop, install application on computers and troubleshooting. I was also introduced to computer programming where I made a webpage. I got to learn about Networks, servers and Databases as well. It was an amazing experience in the ICT department.

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